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PreK-12 Discovery Features

Intelligent Books Like This

CLCD has the most comprehensive database of children’s literature. We add thousands of new titles each month along with over 30,000 new professional reviews and over 15,000 award entries annually.

Unique Topic-focused Search

The industry-first Topic Search is a central theme of PreK-12 Discovery. It is purpose-built to invite users to explore the world of children’s books. You can’t help but click at various topics to see the titles.

Industry-First Award Search

Over the past 10 years, CLCD has made a special effort to capture the largest comprehensive collection of national and international awards in the industry. Today, the database has over 140,000 entries for thousands of diverse and different awards.

Local Collection Services

The popular LCS feature is included in PreK-12 Discovery. This powerful feature lets you easily upload of your children’s collection in the CLCD database. You can either access just your list of titles or see them interspersed within the database. The expanded results include the added value of all the CLCD features and content to your record.

Deep and Broad Content

PreK-12 Discovery presents the most comprehensive database in the industry. Acknowledged for its depth and breadth of content, the database contains over 600,000 reviews, 140,000 awards notations, tens of thousands of titles on awards, best books, reading lists and curriculum tools.

The PreK-12 Discovery version is now available for you and your staff to use and evaluate. It uses the same database as your Enterprise product, however, the PreK-12 Discovery runs on a different platform that offers an exciting interface designed for schools and public libraries.

The PreK-12 Discovery will be available for Free! until May 31st, 2019.

How can you Subscribe to CLCD Discovery?
The PreK-12 Discovery and the Enterprise database are two separate products, each designed for different use. The PreK-12 Discovery is NOT a replacement for CLCD Enterprise. You have the option to subscribe to both products at a discount, switch to Pre-K12 Discovery or continue with your current Enterprise subscription. If you would like a quotation for both or just the PreK-12 Discovery product, please write to

We appreciate your feedback
We would very much like to hear from you on your experience in using PreK-12 Discovery. You can write to us using the feedback button at the top of the website.

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