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Discovery is CLCD's newest product to assist users in finding great titles in the most comprehensive children's literature database in the industry. Several industry-first features, previously unavailable, now allow users to benefit from its deep content by using simple, but powerful interfaces.


With an ever-increasing number of books being published, finding the precisely right titles for patrons and librarians alike is challenging. Discovery PreK-12 invites users to explore the world of CLCD's Universe of Children's Books by letting them naturally follow topic-focused threads where they can dig into various themes and associated titles.

The hundreds of topics allow users to find titles they may not have considered. If you know what they are looking for, an easy-to-use advanced search interface lets them find the materials quickly. If they are focused on finding great, award-winning books, an industry-first Award Search interface supports the discovery of winning titles from the millions of titles in the CLCD database. This most comprehensive database in children's literature is at your fingertips to discover the titles that you want. Powerful, yet easy-to-use interfaces combine the depth and breadth of data with a simple and attractive design. Why settle for less when CLCD has you covered!


Unique Topic-Focused Search
The industry-first Topic Search is a central theme of PreK-12 Discovery. It is purpose-built to invite users to explore the world of Universe of Children's Books. You can’t help but click at various topics to see the titles. This interface will enable users to find something they like with minimum effort.

Hundreds of topics are available for exploration! You can see titles that match Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Human Body, with only two clicks. You can further look at titles by age ranges or just the Fiction or Nonfiction titles. All this through an easy-to-use yet powerful interface that combines the depth and breadth of data with a simple and attractive design. Search by Topics is an amazing and easy way to identify gaps in the collection or to simply answer a patron’s request to find titles on a given topic.

Industry-first Award Search
For over a decade CLCD has captured the largest comprehensive collection of national and international awards in the industry. Today, the database has over 140,000 entries for thousands of diverse and different awards.

The Industry-first Award Search is the solution that allows users to view titles from an entirely new perspective. Users can search just by an awards' partial name or any word in the name to find the award. You can search by the host state or its country of origin. With more filters to follow, it's the most effective means of displaying award winners and nominees.

For each award, you can see winners and nominees for all the years the award has been presented, along with the logo, a brief description of the award and other details. The Award Search is also an excellent collection development tool.

Intelligent Books Like This
Over the years, the depth of CLCD database has grown exponentially, and large quantities of data and supporting information continue to be added each year. The size of our database makes CLCD the ideal candidate for using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for content matching that radically transforms the on-demand user experience.

Rather than attempting to scale the "expert" human work effort necessary to classify, curate, and catalog content into consumable collections like our competitors do, CLCD has chosen machine learning as its core in personalized content delivery. By understanding what our users want and their preferences, we can more accurately tailor recommendations and provide titles that satisfy their needs.

Local Collection Services
The LCS feature is also available in the PreK-12 Discovery product. This powerful feature enables the institution to upload their MARC file into the CLCD database. We leverage the depth of titles in CLCD to immediately identify an institution's children's and YA collection data. This simple action leverages the power of Discovery to overlay your local collection and see what is available locally. All the topics and super-topics, advanced search features and the robust award search feature show the titles that are locally available titles.

Deep and Broad Content
The PreK-12 Discovery platform uses the most comprehensive database in the industry. Acknowledged for its depth and breadth of content, the database contains over two million fiction and non-fiction children’s books and media titles marked with thousands of awards, reviews, curriculum tools and more.

Based on ALA data, there are approximately 75K children’s books published in the United States annually by book publication houses which CLCD includes in the database. CLCD annually adds more than 35,000 professional reviews to its 600,000 review database,thousands of new Awards notations and thousands of other content entries to the over 140,000 Awards database. Because of our AI approach, we can quickly assimilate new information into our database and deliver historic through current information in a timely manner to our customers.


1 CLCD PreK-12 Discovery

Discovery's content is primarily targeted for early readers through young adults covering the broad and in-depth fiction and non-fiction content needed for the changing needs of the school environment.

2 CLCD PreK-12 Advanced Search

A simple interface with advanced filters to cater to the school library and public library users.

3 Award Search

Search for your favorite award or, search awards given in your state, or search for awards by subject.

4 Book Details

See detailed book reviews, awards, reading lists and curriculum tools specific to each title.


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